About William Demant Invest

  • William Demant Invest is an evergreen investor and the holding company for William Demant Foundation’s investment activities, focusing on investments in listed companies. The current market value for all companies in the portfolio is around DKK 120 billion. Founded in 2004, William Demant Invest is wholly owned by William Demant Foundation with identical Board of Directors.

    The main purpose of William Demant Foundation is to secure and expand the hearing healthcare company Demant and to donate a share of its net income to charter-defined causes. We divide this purpose between the donation activities handled by William Demant Foundation, and the investment activities handled solely by William Demant Invest.

  • Since its beginning, William Demant Invest has developed strongly and significantly increased its market capitalisation over the years, with a market capitalisation of around DKK 11 billion in 2004 to more than DKK 50 billion in 2023.

    Aside from the purpose of maintaining the majority ownership in Demant and securing the longevity of Demant’s commercial competitiveness, William Demant Invest seeks to utilise excess liquidity to increase ownership share in its strategic investments. Furthermore, the strategy is to find new ownership opportunities matching the investment strategy of William Demant Invest.




Niels Jacobsen

Chief Executive Officer

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Nicklas Hansen

Investment Director

Board of directors

Investment strategy


William Demant Invest A/S invests in companies whose business models and structures resemble those of Demant A/S.


Through the many years of engagement in Demant, William Demant Invest has built up extensive knowledge of developing and driving a company of this kind. Because of the success of Demant, it is natural to look for similarities in new strategic investments.

Therefore, William Demant Invest mainly looks for innovation-driven companies in niche markets, with a strong, unified product program and a global distribution model, with local sales activities and a growth and globalization journey ahead of them.


Watch our CEO Niels Jacobsen and Chairman Lars Nørby Johansen in a conversation about William Demant Invest and William Demant Foundation. Starting with the creation of William Demant Foundation in 1957, Niels Jacobsen and Lars Nørby Johansen discuss the purpose and strategies of William Demant Invest and William Demant Foundation. Please note that the video is in Danish, with English subtitles.

Criteria for ownership

  • stable-cash-flow

    Stable and positive cash flow generation

  • strong-underlying-market-factors

    Strong underlying market factors

  • competent-management

    Competent management

  • revenue-around-250m

    Revenue around DKK 250m and strong profitability

  • preference-for-listed-companies

    Preference for listed companies