William Demant Invest A/S was founded in 2004 as a wholly-owned holding company for all William Demant Foundation investment activities. Today, William Demant Invest secures liquidity from capital returns from subsidiaries and associated companies.

The main purpose of William Demant Foundation is to secure and expand Demant A/S and to donate a share of its net income to charter-defined causes. This long-term perspective recurs in the majority of William Demant Invest’s other investments where William Demant Invest seeks a substantial and active participation in the further development of subsidiaries and associated companies.




Niels Jacobsen

Chief Executive Officer

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Nicklas Hansen

Investment Director



  • William Demant Invest places our investments primarily in the medtech and healthcare industry and we look at consolidation and growth potential, among others, of the companies and projects in which we invest. Thus, our investment policy contributes to the positive development of a healthy society both in terms of coming up with new inventions, offering new possibilities for people suffering from diseases and paying back to society in form of generating jobs and contributing to economic development.   

    As an investment company, we do not have a stand-alone policy on CSR, but we consider it part of our defined investment policy. Most importantly, we monitor and participate in formulating CSR activities of our associated and Group companies through our Board representation. Furthermore, when analysing new investment opportunities, we strongly emphasise in our due diligence process to get a thorough understanding of the targeted company’s position on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. 

    Due to the nature of William Demant Invest’s business activities, we have not found it necessary to formulate separate policies on human rights and environmental or climate issues. We address these issues in our overall review, when we evaluate new investment opportunities.


  • William Demant Invest’s major holdings work intensively with corporate social responsibility, and William Demant Invest continues to monitor the activities in associated and Group companies. It is our belief that our attention to their work with corporate social responsibility contributes to the continuing focus and improvement of the companies’ achievements in this area. In fact, we applaud their results and continuing work with and focus on acting responsibly in a global market place.

    Further elaboration on concrete CSR activities can be found in associated and Group companies’ respective annual reports and webpages.

    Besides the CSR activities in associated and Group companies, William Demant Invest has invested in an offshore wind farm. William Demant Invest’s share of renewable energy will be enough to cover the energy consumption of the William Demant Group more than five times over.


William Demant Invest A/S invests in companies whose business models and structures resemble those of Demant A/S, but are outside of Demant A/S’ strategic sphere of interest which is hearing healthcare.


When investing in new companies, William Demant Invest A/S generally looks for the following industry and company traits:

  • Business models and structures resembling those of Demant A/S.
  • Strong underlying market factors such as demographic trends and structural growth
  • Niche industries with consolidation potential
  • Companies and products with proof of concept and existing revenue, i.e. not biotechnology/clinical trials
  • Stable cash flow generation or the potential to achieve it in a short to medium term

  • William Demant Invest A/S seeks to place the majority of excess liquidity in these active investments. Any liquidity not placed in active investments is usually placed in corporate bonds and similar instruments for short-term cash optimisation.